Our Mentoring Program, INSPIRE (Imagine New Saavy Positive Influencing Resourceful Enterprise), empowers survivors of domestic violence to make progress toward their goals by providing individual peer support and creating community.  Survivors recovering from abuse have often been socially isolated. Through this program, they are paired with trained volunteers in long-term supportive relationships. 

The Mentoring Program:

·         Recruits and trains volunteer mentors from the community and pairs them with domestic violence survivors who may still be struggling to rebuild their futures

·         Helps survivors set goals and explore their “next steps” in positive and empowering ways, through relationships with women who have successfully negotiated their own lives

· The INSPIRE Mentoring Program works to enhance the lives of survivors of domestic violence by providing volunteer mentors to support them in their achievement of personal, professional and academic goals.

Volunteer mentors are pre-screened members of the Greater Rochester community, all of whom have enjoyed successful careers and have achieved personal goals of their own.  Any survivor interested in the Mentoring Program is matched up with an assigned mentor, with whom they meet regularly.  Mentoring meetings are held at locations that are both convenient and safe for the client and the mentor. Mentors nurture and guide their assigned mentees in the pursuit of their individual goals

Could you be a volunteer mentor?  Are you ready to be changed by an amazing relationship?  Are you available to meet weekly with another woman to offer support without judgment or advice?  Would you enjoy being in a group with other women who support each other and learn from each other?  Maybe INSPIRE is for you!